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Add to cart. Remember: happy mice, happy life. Electronics. Not Now. The mouse is the brand’s lightest mouse, weighing in at 53g. Create New Account. Today, 01:38 Terengganu. C $41.70. White, Silver and Gold are the most popular Cooler Master Mouse colours. RM 199.00. We'd like to think of them more as mouse skates, providing the kind of effortless glide and premium responsiveness that you can't find in other stock mice. The strikingly sexy floating key design with brushed aluminum profile gives way to durable Cherry MX switches, intuitive On-the-fly Controls, and hybrid key rollover to ensure peak performance through the toughest battles. We are dedicated to creating innovation that matters—that inspires people to build their own PC, and allows them to express and enjoy themselves or. For rent. 7790 . Just take better care of your mouse. We were one of the earlier ones to get it in Malaysia – but instead of doing just a quick review to tell you how great it is – just like many other mice in the market – we decided … As mice go, the shape of the MM710 is "standard" fare. That's why we've outfitted the MM710 with a new Ultraweave cable. If you happened to miss out from our live stream unboxing of the headsets, do check it out at our RM 699. The MM710 is a truly innovative mouse that does more with so much less. Check out our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Mua Chuột Máy Tính Cooler Master Gaming MM710 giá tốt. COOLERMASTER MasterMouse MM710. ASIA / Malaysia / English This website is for consumer products of Cooler Master Technology Inc. only. However, keep in mind that the encoder and switches are not able to be coated and perform well at the same time, so definitely don't do any dunking or swimming with the MM710. Product Pages Keyboard: CK552 GATERON RED SWITCH Mice: MM710 MATTE BLACK Headset: MH630 Mousepad: MP510 Medium When you're mowing down infantry, you should never feel like you're a cute widdle baby on a leash. by Kok Kee. A lightweight mouse requires heavyweight protection - especially with a perforated design that's susceptible to exposure. Additionally, the bold new perforated design maximizes airflow, reducing the pesky ol' sweaty palm you get in particularly heated 1v1s. Shopping cart . Create New Account. 6. Monaliza Mastura. Cooler Master’s mouse is a no frills, all business device crafted to give you optimal gaming performance. Featuring a striking honeycomb design, this mouse weighs less than 53g to arm you with better precision and speed. You immediately know what you’re in for. Lenovo ThinkPad E14 and E15 AMD Launched in Malaysia; Starts at RM 3,449 onwards Acer, Enduro, Laptop [email protected]: Acer Enduro, the Rugged Device Lineup made it's first Debut Jaya Prithivi Raj. Additionally, the bold new perforated design maximizes airflow, reducing the … The MM710 officially launched Sept. 24th on Amazon in North America. And it's absolutely awesome. No more fighting against the mouse, and no more missed snipes due to a weight-limited range of motion. For a mouse of this standard, you would expect to pay a premium price, but you can get the MM710 for less than $50. We've already outfitted your mouse right out of the box with PTFE feet, a common mod in pro mousing circles. For OEM/ODM products please go to Cooler Master Co. ltd. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. This Cooler Master mouse has a honeycomb shell for extra comfort and cooling abilities. Malaysia . Check out our, General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery, CPU Socket Comptibility and RGB Lighting List. Not sure where this idea of S2 bad clicks came from. 265 sold. Second-hand (Used) Home Appliances & Kitchen. Under that honeycomb shell lies Omron switches, the latest PMW3389 sensor and also 100% PTFE feet. Share: Description; Description (Ultralight Gaming Mouse/16000DPI/6 Buttons) (2 Years Warranty) ⬆ Datasheets ⬆ Related products.

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