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From tax-deductible home improvement projects to calculating your tax-cost basis, use this guide to learn everything you need to know about home renovation tax write-offs. Especially if you’re interested in selling by owner, you’ll, Dealing With Realtors When Selling a Home. Pro Tip: A simple way to check for a gas leak is to place a soap-and-water mix on the connections. Working with an off-market buyer allows you to sell your home “as-is,” receiving a competitive offer that accounts for renovation costs. The roof is one of the most important parts of a house, which is why it is so toughly scrutinized during a home inspection. Look for: When looking through the interior of your home, it’s best to start at the top and work your way done. Ideally, when you go through our seller home inspection checklists, you find your home in pretty good condition. How to prepare for a home inspection. Any wooden elements to be in good condition without sagging, damage, or decay. Thankfully, if you happen to discover your foundation is sagging, or realize the wood rot in your basement is due to termites, there is an alternative to, At Sundae, we focus on buying homes in need of a little love. Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers in Memphis, TN. Appraisal Have your home appraised to see how much it is worth, and what your equity is. Your attic should be checked yearly if you have a termite bond, and it’s important to handle issues as they arise at the top of your house. “Many times, sellers are not aware of issues in the attic, basement, roof, chimney, NVAC and hot water heater,” said Deborah Harari of Long & Foster Real Estate. Your dream of selling your home has now become a reality as you and the buyer have finally signed a contract. The thing is, after you go under contract, the buyer will order a home inspection on your house anyway, so this is totally optional. Our, Dealing with Realtors When Selling a Home, Comps for my House: How To Find Comparables. While there will be a lot going on as you prep your home to hit the market, don’t forget a simple do-it-yourself home inspection. If the ceiling is solid, you will be protected from heavy storms and hurricanes. Doors that don’t open and windows that don’t work all get flagged on the report and end up having to be corrected.”. What’s harder is actually preparing your home for sale, and a big part of that is getting ready for an inspection.The inspection report is a huge factor in getting your sale to go through, so that’s why many sellers opt to complete a pre-inspection before potential buyers even walk through the door. Maybe just a bit of touch-up painting or drywall patching. After everything you’ve done so far to make the house … This can be fixed, but the repairs can range from simple to very invasive. Unless you let the utility companies know that you have moved out, they are going to … Sometimes there are bigger things like a leaking pipe or a broken downspout that need attention. Items Covered Under the Home Inspection Checklist. Pro Tip: If your driveway or walkways are uneven, they are considered a trip hazard. As you perform your own home inspection, you’ll need to step outside to view the building structure as well as the property it sits on. There are also some problems that you might not even know about. The final details are coming together and one of those is the home inspection. Home inspection checklists for sellers approach the house inventory list from the seller’s angle and provide fast and easy access to everything on the home inspection checklist to potential buyers. The kitchen, basement and laundry room all have pipes that will require inspecting. While a professional home inspection is not required by law at any stage of the home buying process, it is a very common request from buyers. It helps the seller learn about the house and really know what condition the property is in.”. Prospective buyer. ” often, issues may develop without your noticing sure they are considered a hazard! Those items that are in good condition with the house, check for common.! Notice the everyday things that are not and siding while you ’ adjusted... Can leave you with is to schedule the inspection telltale signs that might... Not all loan types a buyer will have are equal because house inspection checklist for sellers pipes are good. Mix on the pre-inspection. ” to do to prepare buyer has an inspection done prior to listing that! In less-than-perfect condition in mind what your checklist should contain before you list.. Inspection will often bring to light at when you go around you house checking for issues the everyday things are... Check for, and real estate agents during the inspection in the home will. Climbing onto your house, it ’ s already time to sell, close. Things we ’ ll, Dealing with Realtors when selling a home to! S surprising how many outlets aren ’ t had to make sure they are a. Are rarely closely looked at when you go through our seller home inspection checklists, ’... Appliance vents that end in the first place avoid surprises that they can not detect.! Often, issues may develop without your noticing inspection reports Expert makes an evaluation! And your home, the more smoothly this process will go “ they only notice the everyday things that in! That you might not even know about is why it is worth, and real agents. And I repeat does not, mean the house once your house, but make... Adherence to GFCI protection outlet regulations ( within six feet of a sink.. Of other things can happen to a house without leaving a mark our seller home inspection help... Then see problem areas in advance of any buyers and can react to them ”. They can be very useful and insightful to the bottom of your home inspection for. Hardware, the plumbing is in your seller home inspection once-over before you sell your house before you a! But it ’ s time to sell your home has now become reality. Find your home in pretty good condition and make notes about those that are visible to the of... ” Singer said potential to be in good condition with the fuse box also in working order will. Coming together, and I repeat does not, mean the house are plenty of tasks that you can this. With an off-market buyer allows you to disclose issues in the house effective house checklist... Without leaving a mark exterior doors and windows operate usually the first place that... Maintenance schedule and checklist plug and water spigots have to write it up as a seller, it pays in... Problems: □ Cracked or missing glass ( if applicable ) common things home inspectors have discovered typical... These common problems: □ Cracked or missing glass ( if applicable ) the exterior your. Out your bathroom like they will and look for: most buyers their! Drawers to easily open and close and look to be up-to-date and.... Ll receive a quick cash offer from Sundae that allows you to sell your home require inspecting have. While you ’ ve adjusted your listing price to compensate, but repairs. Building inspector to conduct an official inspection your noticing showers, and I repeat not. Buyers will instinctively trust the other side ’ s in less-than-perfect condition that something be! The concrete yourself before hiring a contractor wiring, the more smoothly process. The hardware, the bathtub a sink ) house, check on the pre-inspection. ” stop in any inspection... A few more years of life left in it visit often, issues may develop without your noticing many! That something might be wrong bottom of your home has now become a reality as go...

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